SLIMWALK Compression Open-Toe Socks for Night (Long)


SLIMWALK Compression Open-Toe Socks for Night (Long)

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SLIMWALK Compression Open-Toe Socks for Night (Long) lets you wake up to beautiful and refreshed legs


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SLIMWALK Compression Open-Toe Socks for Night (Long) lets you wake up to beautiful and refreshed legs. The U-taping design helps to relieve weight off the knees, allowing the knees to rest and recover after a long day, making your legs all refreshed for a new day. Anti-slip and gentle on the legs, it ensures that the socks stay on throughout the night and leaves no visible marks.

  • With gradual compression design developed by medical professionals
  • Designed to reduce pressure from ankle to thigh, keeps your legs comfortable and beautiful
  • U-taping design for knee care
  • Anti-slip, gentle on legs with no visible marks
  • Mesh knitted design on the back of knees to prevent stuffiness
  • Soft texture with deodorant fiber

<How to use>

To prevent tear and run

  • Before use, please remove any accessories such as rings to ensure a smooth contour of the fingers, toes and heels.
  • Please do not use your nails and pull the product hastily upwards at once.


  1. Put on your toes so that the tip is at the base of your toes.
  2. Pull up to the ankles and align the heels precisely.
  3. Put the thumb of both hands inward and pull it up bit by bit to fit the circular handle in the knee position.
    • Please pull up with caution as the support force is strong.
  4. Pull up to the thighs while stretching to prevent wrinkles.


  1. Please consult a doctor if you have any of the following symptoms before using the product.
  2. Swelling or tiredness in the thigh(s) due to illness or injury
  3. High blood pressure or medical conditions related to the heart or kidney etc.
  4. Skin itchiness or rashes
  5. Haematogenous (or blood flow) disorder
  6. Do not use sizes that are inappropriate (as it may lead to poor blood circulation).
  7. Do not use two supports at the same time.
  8. If you feel unwell or experience abnormal symptoms such as itchiness, rash and pain during or after using the product, stop using and consult a doctor immediately.
  9. Do not use for medical purposes.
  10. Be careful not to slip on the floor when worn.

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