SLIMWALK Compression Medical Lymphatic Socks Short (Day)


SLIMWALK Compression Medical Lymphatic Socks Short (Day)

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Product Features

  • High loading pressure step pressure design to promote blood circulation by gradually contracting calf from ankle.
  • With upgraded pressure value. (ankle:27-33hPa / Calf:17-23hPa)
  • Comfortable stretch material. (Fiber lycra fabric)
  • Sole wave design to stimulates the soles.

Size Reference

Height 145~160cm 150~165cm
A Thigh 45~53cm 50~60cm
B Calf 32~38cm 36~42cm
C Ankle 19~23cm 21~25cm

How to Use

1. Before use, please smooth the heels of your hands and feet and remove the rings.
2. Do not pull up or pull up at once.

Stir in and put your toes in such a way that the tip is at the base of your toes.
2Pull up to the ankle and align the heel correctly.

Put the thumb of both hands inside and pull up little by little evenly to align the circular stem with the knee.

※ Because you have strong support, please pull it up slowly and carefully.

  4          While stretching to prevent wrinkles, pull up to the thighs.

Precaution in Use

  1. The following persons should consult a physician before use.
    (1) Person who feels swelling and languor of leg by illness and injury now
    (2) Persons with high blood pressure, impaired heart, kidney, etc.
    (3) Those who are currently experiencing itching or rash
    (4) Person who has caused blood circulation disorder
  2. Do not use one that does not fit in size. (There is a risk that blood circulation may deteriorate.)
  3. Do not use two sheets in a stack. (There is a risk that blood circulation may deteriorate.)
  4. Don’t pull the socks up too much until you get behind your knees. (The blood circulation behind the knee may be worse.)
  5. Discontinue use immediately if you feel unwell after use, or if you feel itching, rash, pain or other abnormalities.
  6. Do not use at bedtime.

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