ProFits Kinesiology Tape


ProFits Kinesiology Tape

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ProFits Kinesiology Tape helps to prevent injury and support fatigue.


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ProFits Kinesiology Tape helps to prevent injury and support fatigue. High elasticity, joint fitting tape with strengthened adhesive ensures that it fits and sticks to the target area. Made of breathable material that is gentle on the skin, it remains comfortable while providing support. Waterproof feature makes it suitable for various activities from everyday use to sports.

  • Easily torn by hand
  • Breathable material that is gentle on skin
  • High elasticity & joint-fitting tape
  • Waterproof material
  • Enhanced adhesive to ensure that it does not fall off

<How to tear>

  • With thumbs up, hold it close and cut all at once.
  • Cut in the direction of the marks with scissors.

<How to use>

  1. Wipe your skin clean from sweat.
  2. Cut the length of tape according to the part to be applied,
  3. Peel off the tape from paper,
  4. Basic sticking method:
    • When applying along the muscle: with the muscle stretched, apply the end of the tape to your skin to fix it, and apply it little by little without pulling
    • Apply it so that the joint is wrapped.
    • Stick the center of the tape to your skin to fix it and apply it while pulling a little.


  1. Please use the correct taping method with reference to the following usage examples.
  2. This is not a fixing tape.


  1. Do not use in the following cases (symptoms may worsen).
  2. Immediately after a fracture.
  3. Immediately after a ligament injury.
  4. People with rashes or allergic symptoms due to adhesive tapes.
  5. If you experience rash, redness, itchiness during use, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor.
  6. Do not pull when applying the tape (it may hurt your skin).
  7. When removing tape, hold it so that it does not lift up. Fold the tape to minimize the burden on the skin.
  8. If you pull the tape strongly, it will cause continuous tension on the skin and may cause skin damage.
  9. Those who need supervision, use it under the guidance of parents.
  10. To prevent rash:
  11. If you feel itching or pain, peel off immediately.
  12. Do not stick to the same place continuously.
  13. If it does not suit your skin, remove it immediately.

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Shoulder Arm & Wrist, Knees, Calf & Ankle, Finger x 2