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ITOH Kids Cod Liver Oil

With added 3 kinds of Vitamin A, D and B Group. A chewable vitamin containing vitamin A and D as the main ingredients of “liver oil” in sweet sense. In addition to vitamins A and D, vitamin B is alsi necessary for the children. Added taste with refreshing green apple flavor.

Internal Capacity: 90 tablets

Recommended Daily Intake: 3 tablets per day

Major Component:
In 3 tablets (3.0g) per day: Vitamin A 600μg, Vitamin D 4.5μg, Vitamin B 6 0.6mg, Biotin 17.5μg, Nniacin 6.5mg

Nutritional Component: 
In 3 tablets (3.0g) per day: Energy 12kcal, Protein 0.02g, Lipid 0.07g, Carbohydrate 2.82g, Salt equivalent 0.0004g



ITOH Kids Calcium and Lactic Acid Bacteria

Contained the important nutrient Calcium and Lactic Acid bacteria for kids. Lactic acid bacteria is necessary for the growth of children. Vitamin D, good compatibility with Calcium are blended and finished in strawberry milk flavor that every child likes.

Internal Capacity: 30 sachets x 2g

Recommended Daily Intake: 1 sachet per day

Major Component: 
In 1 sachet (2.0g) per day: Calcium 340mg, Lactic Acid Bacteria 3 billion, Vitamin D 2 5.5g
1 x granular stick contains calcium about 1.5 cups of milk (1 cup of milk 200 ml) in one sachet.

Nutritional Component:
In 1 sachet (2.0g) per day: Energy 4kcal, Protein 0.04g, lipid 0.01 g, carbohydrate 0.99 g, salt equivalent 0.002 g

How to Consume:
Children are supposed to be taking product under parents’ supervision.




A chewable type of Vitamin allows children to take “blue” fish ingredients a.k.a “DHA” in the form of sweet in banana flavor. 50mg of DHA (required per day) was blended. Also suitable for children who do not like taking fish. 

Internal Capacity: 60 tablets x 1000mg

Recommended Daily Intake: 3 tablets per day

Major Component:
In 3 tablets (3g) per day: DHA 50mg, EPA 10mg

Nutritional Component:
In 3 tablets (3g) per day: Energy 13kcal, Protein 0.05g, Lipid 0.39g, Carbohydrate 2.42g, equivalent of Sodium Chloride 0.003g

How to Consume: 3 tablets for children to be taken like candy
! Please do not give infants under 1 year old. 

Recommended Storage:
Avoid high temperature, high humidity, direct sunlight, please keep in a cool place.

Please observe the guideline for the recommended daily intake.
● If you have food allergies, please check the ingredients.
● In rare cases, some people will/do not match the constitution, so please refrain from using in that case.
● Taste, color or scent may vary according to different batches.
● Recommended to complete within 30 days after opening
● Please keep out of reach of children. 

Made in Japan

Direct imported from Japan 

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Kids Cod Liver Oil, Kids Calcium & Lactic Acid Bacteria, Kids DHA