ITOH HANAKO – Sapphire White Collagen Drink 10s


ITOH HANAKO – Sapphire White Collagen Drink 10s

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Sapphire White

Hailing from Japan, Sapphire White is the newest breakthrough whitening collagen drink. Sapphire White consists White Tomato extract, which reduces dark spots, wrinkles, uneven skin tone and providing protection from UV rays.

Indulge yourself in a unique drink that is formulated with 6 powerful ingredients and 5,300mg of fish collagen which will helps achieve soft and supple skin. Sapphire White provides whitening, elasticity and skin regeneration.

White Tomato extract is an effective ingredient to improve your skin. Having it in our unique formulation, it contains antioxidant with Vitamin A, C, B and potassium that makes it exceptional.

6 Key Ingredients:

1. Yeast Extract with Cysteine:
Reduces dark spots and promotes cell renewal to give a youthful and a healthier look.

2. Broccoli Sprout Extract
Lightens the appearance of damaged skin and protects the skin from free radicals.

3. Pineapple processed powder
Creates a glowing skin for a brighter looking complexion.

4. Cape Jasmine
Reduces wrinkles and fine lines to leave a youthful appearance.

5. 5300mg Fish Collagen
Renews skin vitality and moisturizes skin for a radiant look.

6. White Tomato Extract
Evens skin tone by resolving skin dullness and preventing skin discoloration.

How to Consume:
Drink 1 bottle daily for the 1st month and 1 bottle every alternate day afterward.

Bottle Count: 10 Bottle Pack

Expiry Date: 18/03/2023


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Why are there Dark Spots on my skin?

Dark spots can be caused by the over production of pigment in your skin. It may also be due to free radical damage and the exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from sources such as the sun and screens of your electronic devices.

Can I prevent Dark Spots from forming?

Yes, it can be prevented by inhibiting melanin formation and having an adequate amount of anti-oxidants in our bodies. Sapphire White not only possesses ingredients to aid in the lightening of skin complexion but is also rich in melanin inhibitors and anti-oxidants.

Why choose Sapphire White?

Sapphire White is a professional formulation which protects the skin from free radical damage with long term in mind.

When is the best time to consume Sapphire White?

It is recommended to take Sapphire White in the morning or before sleep for best results.

Can I take Sapphire White if I have diabetes, heart conditions, kidney problems or any other medical conditions?

Sapphire White contains sweetener instead of sugar which is suitable for diabetic patients. However, you are advised to consult your doctor for professional advice on drinking any collagen supplement if you have existing medical conditions.

Made in JAPAN

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