Brand Story

Brand Story

ITOH Story:ITOH Kampo Pharmaceutical is established in July 1976 as a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products, quasi-drug products, cosmetics and health food products. Headquartered in Higashiosaka City, Osaka, ITOH operates 3 other sales offices in Tokyo, Fukuoka and Nagoya. Its health supplement GMP certified factories located in Higashiosaka and Tsu are responsible for the development and manufacture of superior quality beverages and supplements that extends and enhances the average healthy lifespan of people.

The period when people are able to spend their time living healthily and comfortably without any restrictions on their daily lifestyle is known as the “healthy lifespan”. As part of ITOH’s business philosophy, it is important to create health not only in the senior years but throughout all life-stages in order to extend the healthy lifespan. This is where ITOH engages in R&D, excellent raw material selection, quality control and hygiene control to deliver health and beauty products for people to become healthy in both mind and body during each of those life-stages.

Quincy Bioscience Story:

In partnership with Quincy Bioscience, we play a part as the sole distributor of Prevagen in Singapore. Quincy Bioscience, Wisconsin, USA is a biotechnology company dedicated to the development and commercialization of advance technologies to address cognitive issues and poor health. Prevagen has received Vity Awards for #1 Brain Health Supplement in 2011 and Best Brain Support Combo Formula in 2013. It is currently distributed in more than 20,000 health stores across the United States.


Total Nutrition

Total Nutrition health supplements are formulated and manufactured in New Zealand and USA. Our missioi is to deliver premium quality products with total goodness and freshness in every bottle to consistently deliver our promise: “Your Health in Total”. Our products are made from Ingredients derived from natural sources and contain no artificial flavours or preservatives. Produced in a GMP certified manufacturing facility with stringent quality controls being implemented at all times, our products are always guaranteed safe for human consumption.

We are committed to educate consumers about the importance of health supplements and its optimal consumption. We believe that to be healthy from within, it is important to avoid over-consumption and ingest only what is needed by our bodies.

Hop on with us and discover the wholesome goodness that Total Nutrition has to offer for your well-being and future.