Ascenshoppe Membership

We know all shoppers love discounts, gift certificate and rebates (that’s including ourselves). Hence, we’re proud to share that you will be awarded points for every purchase you make with us. These points can be redeemed to offset your next purchase and upgraded to a new level for even further discounts.


All registered members at Ascenshoppe are automatically our basic members and will receive a $10 off voucher to be used for your purchase.

Whenever you have reached a certain total expenditure on our website, we will automatically upgrade your membership to the next level. Each membership is valid for one year from the date of upgrade except basic membership which is a lifetime membership. Any membership that did not reach the total expenditure for the respective membership before expiry date will be downgraded to a lower membership. You may still upgrade your membership by achieving the total expenditure of the required level.


Membership Levels

Basic – member who spends less than $200

Silver – member who spend more than $200

Gold – member who spends more than $500

Platinum – member who spends more than $1000

Items Basic Silver Gold Platinum
Annual Gift Coupon NIL $20 $50 $150
Birthday Gift Coupon $5 $5 $5 $5


  • An annual gift coupon will be awarded once you are upgraded to the next membership. You are able to get discounts for your next purchase with us.
  • Receive privilege discounts for certain products during promotion (may subject to change)
  • Terms and conditions are applied


You may also get further discounts or free goodies by participating certain Ascenshoppe activities and events. Please refer to event listing and credits for more Ascenshoppe activities and events you may participate.


However, we are unable to transfer membership awarded or expenditure accumulated from one or multiple Ascenshoppe accounts to a single account.


Thank you for your continuous support! You mean so much to us.

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