ITOH – Pure Horse Skin Oil

ITOH – Pure Horse Skin Oil

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MAIN BENEFITS of using Pure Horse Oil:


MAIN BENEFITS of using Pure Horse Oil:

Since ancient time, the horse oil has been used as the folk remedy of specific remedy for the burn.

  • Rough skin is one of big concerns for the women. This troublesome rough skin can be solved easily by horse oil.



  • Horse oil has similar character to human’s skin sebum and capable of quick soak. When applied on skin, skin promptly becomes smooth.


  • In recent years, various effects for horse oil were found and attract attentions.


  • Horse oil is a kind of essential fatty acid, which can not be produced inside of the human body, and has a plenty highly-unsaturated fatty acid.




  • Horse oil works for antioxidant action, antibacterial action, anti-inflammatory action, moisturizing effect, blood circulation promoting effect etc.


  • By the effect of high nutritional value and better circulation of blood, maintains shiny hair and prevents hair loss.


  • When get burn, apply horse oil, put gauze and cool by water for remarkable effect.



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